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Saint Antony School




Essential values ​​are transmitted to the pupils of Saint Antony, as part of their education. Through their daily behavior, they allow them to reach adulthood under favorable conditions and contribute to make them exemplary citizens:


  • The sense of effort required to follow a demanding education. For pupils in the tenth grade, the school becomes a boarding school. During the last three months of the year, the students, supervised by their teacher, start the day at 5 am with a yoga and meditation practice and study well beyond nightfall.


  • Solidarity is implemented in all classes. Spontaneously, the most advanced students supervise those who are experiencing difficulties.


  • Generosity manifests itself through numerous actions with the poorest villagers. An annual collection of essential items is intended for the most disadvantaged.


  • Tolerance which allows peaceful coexistence despite differences in religion and social conditions.


  • Protection of nature with the planting of thousands of trees and regular maintenance of village areas, with the hope of transmitting environmentally responsible behavior to adults.

Social and financial environment



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