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                                     Achievements at school


2007: Construction of a well for irrigation and the supply of drinking water.

2008: Financing of a school transport bus.

2009: Manufacture of school furniture for the first three primary classes.

2010: Procurement of equipment for the opening of a science laboratory. Participation in the construction of new classrooms.

2011: Acquisition of computers.

2012: Improvement of sanitation. Purchase of school furniture. Acquisition of sports equipment for children.

2013: Installation of solar panels to overcome deficiencies in the power supply and allow better water supply.

2016: Construction of three rooms for the ninth and tenth grades.

2018: Construction of a toilet building for 750 students. Installation of new fans in 50 classrooms of the school.

The emergence of the Covid pandemic has put further projects  on hold. The school is currently in a survival mode from a financial standpoint.

Achievements at Shanti Lumin


Future events

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