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                                 Donate / Sponsor a child


Your donation provides access to education for the most disadvantaged children.


The green form button below allows you to make a one-time donation for the amount you want.

It also allows you to sponsor a child for an entire year: the cost of sponsorship for a child from Saint Antony is 240 euros and 360 euros for a child from Shanti Lumin.

Your donation will provide you a tax deduction. We will send you a proof of payment.


The cost distibution is as follows:


1. The funding of the education of a poor child at the Saint Antony school amounts to 0.66 euro per day. This covers:


  • Scholarship fees

  • the uniforms

  • school supplies and transportation

  • the cafeteria

  • school expenses relating to the sponsored child


2. The funding for the stay of an orphan or a deprived child at Shanti Lumin amounts to one euro per day. This covers:


  • accommodation costs

  • meals

  • clothes

  • scholarship fees

  • medical care



Thank you for making a difference for these children.

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