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Saint Antony School

Social and financial environment




The school opened its first class in 1994 at the request of the families of Kanji, as an alternative to the mediocrity of the local public establishment. The school is the hope of a better future for the children of the village inhabitants. They are people with modest incomes: daily workers in agriculture or crafts and farmers, employees or small traders. With your help , children from the poorest families can access to a quality education.


The Saint Antony school is not denominational despite its name. It welcomes 1600 pupils: girls and boys from three to sixteen years old, without discrimination of caste or religion. It employs a hundred people whose wages are considerably lower than those of the public education. Our contributions and those of The Kanji Project represent 30% of its budget. They are essential for the survival of the school even if the financial balance remains precarious.




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