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Some success stories



Family success. The father who lived 10 km from the school. He accompanied his children by bicycle each morning. The two boys are engineers, and the girl a doctor.



Impact on the community. Mathankumar, a student in the second class, now practices as a general practitioner in a dispensary. He wished to settle near Kanji to contribute to the development of his village of origin. He looks after the children of Shanti Lumine for free.



Recognition. A young girl from the village gave birth in a stable overnight and left the baby on the spot. A 70-year-old woman, Malapadi, found the baby covered in blood and already attacked by ants. She brought him into her house, but her children who already had their own families did not accept it. The old lady then decided to keep the baby, Manoj, and beg for food while going from house to house. When she heard about the Shanti Lumin orphanage, she took him there. Manoj was 7 months old. They both stayed there and Kalapadi died there a few years later. Manoj lived all his childhood in Shanti Lumin. At the age of 16, he studied at a vocational college and obtained a diploma in mechanics. He then went to Goa where he has been working for 4 years.


He recently came to see Maria, the director of Shanti Lumine, with his fiancée Stella, an orphan from Goa. The purpose of their visit to Kanji was for Maria to bless their marriage. The day after this, the wedding dinner took place in the presence of all the children of Shanti Lumin. They stayed with Maria for a week to express their gratitude before leaving for Goa ...








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